Pictures from the cleanup following the fire at Northwest Lumber, Jan 13 2015

Jennifer Ebner opening at Cornwall library January 10 2015

Pictures from the Pancake Breakfast- UCC Parish House, January 1 2015

Pictures from the UCC Christmas Fair, December 6, 2014

Peter Cusack Opening at Cornwall Bridge Pottery November 29, 2014

Corbeaux and Dark Horses, Danielle Mailer and Louise King at Souterrain Gallery November 29, 2014

Susan Hellmann opening at Cornwall Library,October 12, 2014

Pumpkin carving contest at Cornwall bridge market Pictures ,October 12, 2014

Pictures from the CCT Babecue, September 14, 2014

Watch the video

Pictures from Cornwall Agricultural Fair, September 17, 2014

Video of making hay bales at Agricultural Fair

Video of making ice cream at Agricultural Fair

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Notices and Announcements

Following the State of Connecticut holiday schedule, the town offices will be closed on Thursday, February 12th in observance of Lincoln's birthday AND on Monday, February, 16th in observance of Washington's birthday.

The Planning and Zoning Commission’s regular meeting scheduled for February 10, 2015 is cancelled. Due to noticing deficiencies related to recent weather events, the public hearings scheduled for February 10, 2015 have been re-scheduled administratively to the regularly scheduled March 10th, 2015 meeting.

Amendments to the Zoning regulations and the Town Plan of Conservation and Development, to be heard in a continued public hearing on March 10th are available for review in the Town Clerk’s Office, the Land Use office and on the Cornwall web site.

Land Use Office
Tele 672-4957 fax 672-4069

The Planning & Zoning Commission is having a public hearing on cell tower amendments on February 10th . Click here to read more.

A Park & Rec REMINDER that SKATING AT SCHMIDT RINK, at the HOTCHKISS SCHOOL begins this Saturday, 1/10/15!
We have eight Saturday night sessions, from 7:00 to 8:00, FREE to anyone who lives in Cornwall!
You MUST wear a hat, you must skate according to the rules of the rink (for example, all must skate in the same direction), and it is important to "represent" the Town of Cornwall with positive conduct at all times!
HAVE FUN! There will always be a representative from the Cornwall Park & Rec Commission (Rocco Botto, Patrick Elias, Erin Hedden, Stephen Saccardi, John Sanders or Johan Winsser) there at Hotchkiss, in case you have any questions!

Check out Richard Grigg's videos from the last BOS meeting. It is Richard's first attempt to do this. He says it is a learning experience.

Click here to read the latest Town Report

Help Light the Tree – National Iron Bank will be helping raise funds for New Solar Equipment & More Lights to decorate the evergreen on the green. Be part of bringing the twinkle back to the Cornwall Bridge Green and make your Charitable contribution with us at National Iron Bank, 366 Furnace Brook Road, Cornwall Bridge – 860-672-6623.
Please e-mail if you have any questions for me.

Proposed Revisions to Housatonic River Overlay Zone Map and Zoning Regulations Scheduled for Public Hearing on June 10, 2014. Postponed !

Check out the the Slideshow of pictures that have been used in the past on the Cornwall website frontpage.

Click here if you want to see some of the of the Slideshows Richard Griggs created over the years.

Request for Articles, Illustrations, Images and Artwork for the Second Cornwall Conservation Commission Bulletin. Read more

 Contact me if you are a cornwall artist or writer and would like your name listed on the Cornwall Website.

In order to reach residents in the event of an emergency, the Town of Cornwall, in accordance with the Town Plan, is compiling an Emergency List with telephone numbers and email addresses. This list will be available only to Cornwall administrators and emergency crews. For your safety we hope you will comply with this voluntary request.
Concurrently, a second Contact List is being compiled, including telephone numbers, email addresses, and other information you might wish to include, like children's contact information, which will be posted on the Cornwall Web Site. This list is for anyone wishing to be included, where their information will be available to others.
Individuals will be responsible for keeping the information up to date.

Please fill out the form here to be listed either on the Emergency List or on the Cornwall Website Contact List

Property Tax Relief for low-income Cornwall residents. Read more

Regional Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program taking applications. Read more

Click here to read about the Accessory Apartment Revolving Loan Fund

The tax collector is pleased to announce that you can now manage your Cornwall tax accounts with a new online system. You can pay your bills using credit cards or e-checks (some fees apply) at your convenience, 24/7.

Now you can Pay your Taxes online

Many of your questions can be answered via the FAQ .

Approved Budget 2013-2014
Proposed Capital Plan for Fiscal Years 2014 – 2018
Please note that a detail version of the BOE budget is available on the CCS Web Site under Board of Education.
Please read:
Amendments to the Cornwall Zoning Regulations