Zoning Permits and other Land Use Application forms can now be viewed and printed for your use from the Website. See them under Regulations.


Updated 5/8/2013 with the assistance of Vera Dinneen, Town Clerk, and Joyce Hart, Administrative Assistant to the First Selectman

Town Hall

26 Pine Street

P.O. Box 97

Cornwall, CT 06753

Town Office hours: Monday through Thursday 9 to noon and 1 to 4. Closed for lunch from noon to 1.

Town Clerk

Vera L. Dinneen '14; 860 672-2709; Fax: 860 672-4069; Office hours: Monday through Thursday, 9 to noon and 1 to 4; email: cwltownclerk@optonline.net

Assistant Town Clerks: Cheryl C. Evans, Julieann Russ and Karen Nelson

Board of Selectmen

First Selectman: Gordon M. Ridgway '13

Selectmen: Kenneth C. Baird '13 and Richard Bramley '13

Administrative Assistant: Joyce Hart: 860 672-4959; Fax: 860 672-4068; email:cwlselectmen@optonline.net

Town Treasurer

John Green '13

Finance Officer: Barbara Herbst: 860 672-2707; Office hours: Monday and Thursday 9 to 5 and Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30 to 12:30; email: cwlfinance@optonline.net

Tax Collector

Jean Bouteiller: 860 672-2705; Office hours: Monday 1 to 4 and Wednesday 9 to noon and 1 to 4; email: cwltaxes@optonline.net Check your tax

Pay your Taxes online
The tax collector is pleased to announce that you can now manage your Cornwall tax accounts with a new online system. You can pay your bills using credit cards or e-checks (some fees apply) at your convenience, 24/7.
Many of your questions can be answered via the FAQ .


Barbara Bigos: 860 672-2703

Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 1:00-4:00 and Wednesday 9:00-noon and 1:00-4:00

email: cwlassessor@optonline.net

Land Use Office

Administrator, Zoning Enforcement Officer and Clerk: Karen Nelson: 860 672-4957;

email: cwlanduse@optonline.net; Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday 9 to noon

Social Services

Jill E. Gibbons: 860 672-2603; Fax:(860)672-2677; cwlsocialservices@optonline.net, Office hours: Friday 9-4, other days by appointment

Agricultural Advisory Commission

William Dinneen, Jr. Chair

Garrick Dinneen

Denny Frost

Chris Hopkins

Allyn Hurlburt III

Wendy Kennedy

Ted Larson

Marissa Larson

Priscilla Mauro

Gordon Ridgway

Brian Saccardi

Susan Saccardi

Donna Larson

Lynn Scoville

Hunt Williams

Animal Control Officers

Brad Hedden: ACO; 860 672-2917; Cell: 860 480-8625

Cindy Shook: Assistant ACO; 860 868-1763; Cell: 860 671-1648

Jack Malahan: Second Assistant ACO; 860 672-6230; Cell: 860 480-3210

Board of Education

Rebecca Hurlburt, Chair '15

Tracy D. Gray '15

Philip W. Hart '13

Irene Hurlburt '13

Thomas K. Levine, Secretary, '15

Rachel Matsudaria '13

Clerk: Susan Gingert; 860 672-2939 ext. 3

Rep to HVRHS Board

Philip W. Hart '14

Board of Finance

William Earl Brecher '15

Thomas C. Bechtle '13

Sally F. Hart '13

John LaPorta '15

Celia Senzer '17

Alternates: J.W. Preston '13 and Maureen E. Donahue '13

Board of Assessment Appeals

Roger L. Kane, Chair '15

Charles L. Gold '13

Natverlal Patel '15

Building Code of Appeals

David Williamson: 860 672-4959

Building Official

Office: 44 Kent Road

Demolition Officer

Paul Prindle: 860 672-0711; Office: Northwest Lumber and Hardware in Cornwall Bridge; 8:00 to 9:00 a.m.

Emergency Management Director

Nevton Dunn, Coordinator; 860 248-3099

Marc D. (Doc) Simont and John Bevans , Assistants

Committee on the for Cornwall Seniors

Jane Prentice '14 Chair

Robert Judge '16

Michele Gorat ' 13

Mary Dzenutis '16

Margaret Haske '17

Lucy Kling '15

Bob Potter '17

Conservation Commission

Kim Herkimer '13 Chair

Joe Markow '14

Patrick Mulberry '15

Brian Thomas '15

Graham Underwood '14

CCC Bulletin

Cornwall Energy Task Force

Gordon Ridgway

Katherine Freygang

Anne Zinsser

Henry Labalme

Anne Scott

Richard Griggs

Deborah Bennett

Nora Prentice

Nev Dunn

Ira Shapiro

Cornwall Energy Task Force Statement


General Notice

Cornwall Grange #32 Trust Fund

Fred Scoville III '12

Bill Dinneen '13

Susan Saccardi

Cornwall Volunteer Fire Department see Civic Organizations

Economic Development Commission

Dana Beecher

Richard Bramley

David Dolinsky

Melissa Andrews

Mark Hampson

Carol Lugar

Todd Piker

Fred Scoville III

Janet Carlson Sanders



Housatonic River Commission

Philip Hart '14

VBarton Jones '16

Inland Wetlands and Water Courses Agency

Steve Hedden '13, Chair

Adam Fischer '13

William J. Hurlburt '13

Roger Kane '13

Andrew MacDavid '13

Alternates: Debbie Bennett '13 and Jeff Lynch '13

Justices of the Peace '13

Kenneth C. Baird

Dave Cadwell

Hendon Chubb

Gordon Scott Cady

Allen G. Herkimer III

Judith A. Herkimer

Nita Colgate

James A. Levy

Margaret Cooley

Pauline Sobotka

Phyllis Nauts

Marie Prentice

Ann M. Schillinger

Julia Mary Scott

Mark Hampson

Lisa Lansing Simont

Barbara S. Yohe

Katherine M. West

Phillip R. West

Carl Hermann

John Miller

Priscilla Pavel

Municipal Agent for the Elderly

Jill E. Gibbons: 860 672-2603; Fax:(860)672-2677; cwlsocialservices@optonline.net, Office hours: Friday 9-4, other days by appointment

Food Pantry at Cornwall UCC; Open Tuesday and Thursday 11 to noon

Park and Recreation Commission

Patrick Elias '13, Chair

Kenneth Considine '15

Erin Hedden '15

Bridget Lynch '15

Brian Mollica '13

Stephen Saccardi '13

Johan Winsser '15

Ron Laigle Jr.

Director: Rebecca Hurlburt; 860 672-4071

Planning and Zoning Commission

David Colbert '16, Chair

Stephen Saccardi '13

Jill Cutler '17

Heidi Kearns '15

James LaPorta '15

Josh Tyson ' 17

Vacancy in Alternate

Alternates: Anne Kosciusko and Anna Timell '15

Registrars of Voters

Virginia B. Potter '15, Republican: 860 672-6191

Jayne W. Ridgway '15, Democrat: 860 672-0279

Sydney M. Kaye Fund Advisory Committee

Earle Brecher '12

Lisa Lansing '13

Virginia Potter '14

Torrington Area Health District Representative

Charles L. Gold: 860 489-0436

Zoning Board of Appeals

Virginia Potter '13 Chair

Amy Worthington-Cady '17

Nancy Calhoun '15

Priscilla Pavel '17

Ann Schillinger '13

Betty Spence '15

Alternates: Don Bardot '16, Fred Scoville III '14 and James Levy '12

Sanitary Transfer Station


Furnace Brook Road (Route #4)

Station Operator and Recycling Coordinator: Steve O'Neil: 860 672-4079

Station Attendant: Ted Larson

Hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 9 to 4:30; Sunday 8 to 11

Please call ahead first before you bring in bulky waste.