The Website Committee is composed of a group of Cornwall citizens who came together voluntarily and set up and maintained a website that provides timely, useful information and news of interest to the residents of Cornwall and also for people who have an interest in Cornwall.
  In addition, the website provides an opportunity for residents of Cornwall to express themselves. 
      To help these residents know their town better, there are pages that cover town government, artists, writers and profiles of a diverse group of Cornwall people.
      Also, there are links to schools, libraries, Cornwall businesses, churches and civic groups, to name a few.
The website is non-profit and does not receive any public funding.  We are grateful that from time to time, the website has received donations and grants from the Cornwall Association.
The website is administered by the Webmaster, who will consult with the Website Committee as needed.  That committee will also meet as needed to exchange ideas and keep the website up to date.
Because there must be some reasonable limitation on information, the website will not allow political material on it other than links to political parties.  There will also be no pornographic materials on it or links to such.  The website will list links to Cornwall businesses and services or provide basic information about them but no advertising.