ALERT! The bridge on Flat Rocks Road will be closed for 30 days starting September 12, 2017 while the bridge is being replaced.

New Action Plan for Conservation & Development Released for Comment

How can we attract and retain young people and families to our town? How can we further improve upon the high quality of life we offer to residents of all ages? How do we balance our need to conserve land, protect water quality, and maintain the rural character of our region while also meeting our needs for housing and jobs? The new draft Regional Plan of Conservation and Development lays out a strategic list of actions that we can take as a town, together with our regional partners, to address these challenges over the next ten years.  To see a copy of the Plan visit  A public hearing to solicit input on the draft Plan will be held on September 19th, 2017. Thanks to all our residents who took the resident input survey which informed this Plan.


The Cornwall Planning & Zoning Commission will be conducting a Forum Friday night, October 20th, from 7 to 9:00PM at CCS to start the process that will lead to Cornwall's next Town Plan of Conservation and Development. All are welcome! Childcare and activities for kids will be available! 

Details and support information will be available as the date approaches on the Cornwall web site (Civic>Minutes and Agendas>Planning and Zoning) as well as updates in the Cornwall Chronicle

 or by request to 


On behalf of the Planning & Zoning Commission,
Karen Griswold Nelson, Land Use administrator
Town of Cornwall

Media Release: CT DOT Announcement re: warning signs and pavement markings marking curves on state roads


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The New Swap shop 



Waste water management study West Cornwall 

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Copy of the Draft report of the Cornwall Road Safety Audits



Radon test

Budget Workshop Calendar for the Region One Board of Ed


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Transportation survey by The Northwest Hills Council of Governments Click here to read it.

Press Release  regarding your taxes from Office of the Assessor,Town of Cornwall


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In order to reach residents in the event of an emergency, the Town of Cornwall, in accordance with the Town Plan, is compiling an Emergency List with telephone numbers and email addresses. This list will be available only to Cornwall administrators and emergency crews. For your safety we hope you will comply with this voluntary request.
Concurrently, a second Contact List is being compiled, including telephone numbers, email addresses, and other information you might wish to include, like children's contact information, which will be posted on the Cornwall Web Site. This list is for anyone wishing to be included, where their information will be available to others.
Individuals will be responsible for keeping the information up to date.

Please fill out the form here to be listed either on the Emergency List or on the Cornwall Website Contact List

The tax collector is pleased to announce that you can now manage your Cornwall tax accounts with a new online system. You can pay your bills using credit cards or e-checks (some fees apply) at your convenience, 24/7.
Now you can Pay your Taxes online
Many of your questions can be answered via the FAQ .

Proposed Capital Plan for Fiscal Years 2014 – 2018
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Please note that a detail version of the BOE budget is available on the CCS Web Site under Board of Education.
Amendments to the Cornwall Zoning Regulations