Cornwall Dump Art, April 20, 2002

This year's third annual Art @ the Dump, held on Saturday, April 20 was better than ever. Sponsorship by the Cornwall Association enabled us to send applications to the entire town of Cornwall and parts of Warren.
Last year we had 37 entries, this year 179. While most of the participating artists were from Cornwall, we did attract those from Litchfield, NYC and Morris, to cite a few.

Sales were brisk. Over $2200 was raised. With contributions and tshirt sales we will be able to donate almost $800 to the art department of CCS.
Spectators voted for their favorites which resulted in the following winners.
#1 Games We Play
Lori Barker
a child's chair covered with games pieces

#2 Urban Nature
Luke Rogers
a chair made from scrap metal

#3 This is Mow Better
Kate Norkin & Frank Galterio
a rusty lawnmower covered with plants

#4 Ork Helm
Will Blass
a metal helmet

#5 The Evening Before Andrew Charlton
a dipiction of the World Trade Towers

The first 3 places were awarded gift certificates from the Cornwall Inn.
festivities. A reminder that next year's show will be on April 26,2003.

Gail Jacobson

pictures by Richard Griggs