Swallowtail on butterfly bush -  photo by Cara Weigold

Call for a town meeting on August 12 at the Town Hall

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Pictures from the Cornwall Farm Market Opening Day, May 14, 2016 with video one & video two

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Videos from the Cornwall Fourth of July Celebration. Click box in upper left to see more videos

Pictures from Peter Busby's Talk, August 21, 2016


Pictures from Pamela Bramble's Artist's Reception, August 6, 2016 & video


Pictures from the 57th Annual Rose Algrant Art Show, Opening Night, August 5, 2016 & videos one and two


Press Release  regarding your taxes from Office of the Assessor, Town of Cornwall


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A very short history of Cornwall

Cornwalll, in Litchfield County, is located on the Housatonic River in northwestern Connecticut and contains a portion of Mohawk State Forest. The town was incorporated in May of 1740 which means that the town was celebrating the 275th anniversary in 2015.  The early economy was based on farming, but iron furnaces, including two blast furnaces, gained importance in the nineteenth century, along with the supporting charcoal making industries. Famous as the site of the Cornwall’s Foreign Mission School and the Cream Hill Agricultural School, Cornwall has also been called the “Home of the Covered Bridge,” in reference to the 1864 West Cornwall Covered Bridge that is still in service today. One of Connecticut’s smallest towns, Cornwall has remained a rural community. (From the  ConnecticutHistory.org website )
Some videos of Cornwall events

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